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Companies That Hire Felons By State


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UPDATED: 1/10/2017



Please use the links below to search the jobs for felons in whichever state you are seeking employment in. We are currently working on expanding this so please bookmark us and check back soon for updates!


Felon Job Search By State

Click on the state you want to search for jobs in. New states being added weekly!

Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware

FloridaGeorgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana

Maine | Maryland  | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana

Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina

North Dakota | Ohio |  Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina

South Dakota | Tennessee |  Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | West Virginia

Wisconsin | Wyoming

Are you an employer willing to hire people with a criminal background?

Please submit your company/job listing to us and we will post it for free, for any amount of time on our website and Facebook page!


Other Helpful Felon Job Search Resources

  • Jobs & Companies – This page is our main jobs page. It offers many resources, tips and information when searching for a job as a felon.
  • Temp Agencies – A list of temp agencies that may have jobs for felons.
  • Online Jobs – All of these online jobs do not do background checks.
  • Self Employment – Low cost start up ideas to become self employed.
  • Will They Hire Me? – We spotlight america’s largest employers and dig deep to see if they will hire felons.
  • Career Paths – Information about careers and industries that offer less resistance to hiring felons.


About our job search for felons

Our job search for felons is updated regularly with real jobs that will actually consider you for employment. We regularly have employers reach out to us to have their companies and jobs listed within our database. Our organization, Help For Felons also scans all of the job listings online as much as possible to find employers we can ad to our “felon job search” database.


Helpful Information For Felons

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Jobs for Felons Hub
Felon Resource Center (Housing, Grants, Loans & Reentry)
Legal Information for Felons
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25 thoughts on “Companies That Hire Felons By State

  1. I’m in Missouri and it’s been a pain to find any steady work since I got out of prison almost 14 years ago,at first it was just me so no big deal,i could move around and find odds and ends,but now I have kids and 44 years old,i can’t do the same things I used to do cause of health issues,mainly arthritis spurs and a heart that’s seen better days.i was convicted of assault,a violent crime,in 98 when I was 26,that puts a major kink in the line of jobs here,and I just found out that no felon can work at any establishment that has a liquor license if that establishment wants to keep it,so ,no nursing homes,no grocerystores,no convenance stores…….list goes on,about the only thing I can see is fast-food,and where I am that’s a competition with the younger crowd that I keep losing.any help would be much appreciated .

  2. Hi my husband and I are looking to move to San Antonio, but we’re having a hard time finding a job for him. He has a felony conviction. We have a 1 year old son and I’m pregnant, so I won’t be able to work. Someone please help with any information. I’ve been on hundreds of sites, and he has done countless applications. But nothing.

    1. Hey Guys,
      I know a lot of you are having problems with jobs and I see the links aren’t working on this site. I’ve got a good lead for all of you who need something fast. It pays around $10-13.00/hour which is competitive with local temp agencies. Prison records aren’t an issue. Transportation is something to consider. If you can’t drive, you’ll need a bus, train or friend to help you out. The good news, some of these jobs are local.

      It’s called “Merchandising.” You go into different chain retail stores (Family Dollar, Home Depot, etc) and do odd jobs in the stores. Usually things like putting sale stickers and security tags on different products, moving products from one place to another, putting up shelves. You get the idea. It’s anywhere from 2-8 hours per store, maybe three a week for one company. Then you can apply with another similar company. You have to work for a few different companies to make a 40hr living. But there are a lot them out there. The more you start doing it, the more you’ll find out about them and the different names of the companies and their websites. Just keep applying. Some are better than others. Depending on how badly they need someone to do a particular store they may even bargain with you a little bit (i.e. $12.00 instead of 10.00). This happens sometimes when a store is in a remote location and no-one is offers to work there.

      Once the Supervisor decides that you’re trustworthy (i.e. you’re reliable, neat and can work well with others). within a month or so, they’ll give you more and more hours per week. No b-ball caps or t-shirts at work. Get a few polo shirts. Don’t have any? Your local church will help if you tell the Pastor what’s going on. Don’t ask for cash though.

      The down side?
      1.) Figuring out the way it all works is a little confusing. You have to do some paperwork for every job and have it signed and then more ONLINE paperwork later. If you don’t have a phone with internet or easy internet access, the good news is everyone has free internet access at the local library. Not sure how to use it? Go to the “Reference Desk” and ask for a little bit of help with the computer. The Reference Librarian will help you. Once you get used to the paperwork routine, you’ll be ok with it.
      2.) You get paid every other week by check.
      3.) Transportation. The good news is, you get a list of work sites to CHOOSE from in advance online. You get to choose all the locations you think you can get to. The ones that get taken the fastest are the local inner-city ones because of transportation issues. So those who can’t drive, be ready to jump on them as soon as they get posted! For those that miss out, the bus is the next best option.

      The pay isn’t fantastic but it’s a step in the right direction and it’s above minimum wage for a lot of people (in NJ, that’s $8.25 Yikes!).
      The key to the whole thing is PATIENCE! If you think you are a good fit for this kind of work, here are 2 sites to apply to. Go on the below websites and fill out the employment applications.

      good luck to everybody!!!! Give it a shot…


      1. V,

        Thank-you SO much for the information. I wish more people would post information like yours! More felons would have much better odds of securing employment.

        Thank-you again,

    2. its because your state does back ground checks, the states u can click on don’t do checks i live in Massachusetts it sucks, they do back ground check here on everything, i cant even go to the community collage in my town because of my convictions, trust me I understand when it comes to trying to find jobs, I Can’t And It Sucks

  3. Hello, I am also a felon with a violent crime . I was recently released in March this year . I served 10 1/2 years and can not find a job in Tulsa, Ok . I need help really bad its like I have no way to turn . I do have reliable transportation and a cell phone . Do anyone know who can help me with a job I’m ready to start asap .I just need that second chance . Im reliable , responsible, and dependable ! 9182006825

    1. Maryland does have employers that will hire some do 7 and 10 yr background checks im in this state too, send the governor a complaint asking him to do something to change this it wont be his first email about it believe me,also send congressman and state senator asking them to change the laws so that come election time you can help them to keep their seat

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