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Programs For Convicted Felons – Why enter a program?

SOS programs for felons button.Life outside the bars can seem to be littered with hurdles for convicted felons, ex-felons and/or ex-offenders… whichever title you choose to claim.  To be successful on the outside it is going to take more than luck. Most people find that programs for convicted felons can offer many wonderful resources to help you get back on the straight and narrow. If you can combine a program with hard work and determination then you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!

Programs For Convicted Felons

See our complete list of felon re-entry programs by state here.

Choosing a program does not mean you are weak, helpless or incapable. The only thing that it means is that you want better life for yourself and that you do not want to be in prison ever again. I mean really… can anyone blame you for not wanting to go back to prison? I don’t think so! All too often convicted felons return back to prison in an endless cycle of incarceration. There are two basic reasons that exist that explain this; either you do not care about staying on the right side of the law or you do but can not find a job, housing or other basic needs that all people take for granted.

Programs for convicted felons and ex-offenders can offer a host of support and help. These services can range from helping you get identification to finding companies that hire felons. Most programs have connections to different organizations and to jobs that hire felons. This can give you a huge advantage in getting your foot in the door. Even if you do not pick up a great job at least it is some money coming in and you then can look for something better in the future. Many apartment complexes will not rent to a convicted felon but there are programs that exist that deal with short term emergency housing for felons and long term living arrangements.



Goodwill industries has great programs for for convicted felons that range from training, jobs and other help. They have been helping felons and ex-offenders for many years dating back to 1902. They are very, very good at what they do and is one of the best programs that you can be in. Another great thing about goodwill is that they have thousands of locations all over the united states.


Salvation Army

The Salvation Army also has a great program for felons. They provide housing, work programs as well as therapy and spiritual care. They have helped turn around millions of lives, you can read about many of the success stories on there website.


Other Programs

Other programs for convicted felons can be found on our Reentry Programs page. You can search by state for programs and resources that may be able to help you out in a tremendous way. Why go at it alone when there is free help out there?

36 thoughts on “Programs For Convicted Felons – Why enter a program?

  1. My son is incarcerated in New York. He was granted clemency by Governor Cumo.
    I need to find a program for him to adapt back into society life again.
    Aniexty, OMH, Emotional, etc.

    If any one can help me with information that really would be great.
    Thank you

  2. I am a mom filtering through all resources to help my son plan a parole/probation plan and help him get a re-entry program for when he is released, looking at January 2017 release. He already has a job at a poultry factory who will give him one week to check in with his parole officer to transfer him parole from Prince William County, Va to Harrisonburg, Va and return back to work. I have been trying to find an apartment for him to rent but all have the felony clause. Way programs are available in Harrisonburg, Va if any? Thank you

  3. My son is in a halfway house in Leavenworth, KS. Being a felon, he needs help finding a job, housing, and medical. He does not have access to a computer so please email me ( and I’ll give you his cell number.

  4. I really don’t know about other states but in the state of Florida if a person is convicted of a drug trafficking offence descuallified for any government help including food stamp, Medicaid, Sutudent loans and so on. I can’t believe that sex offenders , murderers and batterys against children and elderly qualify for those Government Helps and non violent offenders with Drug Trafficking can’t be helped with such important programs. Can someone explain this brother to us. And send us in the right direction. And on top of that drug trafficking offence carried a fine that if not paid accordingly with the courts expectations they will suspend your drivers license indefinitely with a big stamp in your credit report and a criminal conviction all ways will show in our driving record making almost impossible to get CDL Driver License.

  5. i am searching for any help for non violent offender who will be realesed in 2017 date has not been established , but am starting a search for him, he is a good guy just got caught up with fast money, he is finishing up his time given, and we have discussed what will he do when he gets out, does any one know of any places that can guide me to help him get employed and back in to work force with out breaking him down to be a nobody he is 50 years old in good health, ny information would be helpful, he will live in the Oklahoma city Oklahoma area

  6. I am a 24 year old female trying to get my Life back on track. I had never been in trouble before i got my felony theft charge and have never had to “adult” on my own before. I am in need of stable housing as i am trying to get custody of my two year old son back. I am trying to stay positive and not give up but i feel like I’m never going to get anywhere no matter how hard i try; and i feel like i am running or of time before i lose my son for good.I need help please. I am in the Denver metro area in Colorado. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi my wife and I are mentors for a program called project return in Nashville, Tn we have some information we would like to share with you

      1. I have a friend that is incarcerated in West Tennessee. He is due for a release in Feb. I told him I would try to reach out and try to help to get back on his feet. I wanted to know more about your program. Thank you

  7. I just got out of prison may 2016. I live in Sanford fla I have been staying at people’s houses that would let me sleep on their couch I have put in at least 100 job apps in my area I even go to day labor and sometimes I’m lucky to get a couple days work as there are tons of people like me there trying to get work. Sometimes I think it would be easier to go back to prison. Can you give me any clues about any jobs in my area.

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